Lazy Me


Because I decided to go a spin class instead of create a Fav Pins Friday, this week will be Fav Pins Saturday!

See you Saturday!




Birthday Week!

Sorry for my absence this past week. I turned 20 on Tuesday, yet it feels like I’ve been turning 20 for the past week. Probably because I’ve celebrated my birthday a total of 6 times within the past few weeks. Every year I go into my birthday month wanting and planning it to be low key, but every year without fail it turns out to be the furthest thing from low key (not that I’m complaining).

It all started a few weeks ago when my family had a BBQ to celebrate me and my Grandpa’s (81st!) Birthday! That was a great time with family, great food, and games. I then had a Birthday break for a few days until my mentor at my internship surprised me and the other interns in our department (who also happen to have July birthdays) with red velvet cake! Yummm 🙂

By the weekend it was fully swung birthday mode. I spent part of the weekend over at Fire Island on my boat with my Dad, sisters, and grandma. On Saturday night we took the water taxi over to Ocean Beach to go to one of my favorite Fire Island restaurants, Maguire’s. I decided to go big or go home for my birthday and went with the lobster! I absolutely love lobster and usually only get to have it on Christmas Eve so this was a nice treat! The food was delicious. We order a bunch of seafood beachy appetizers and my Dad and Emily both had grilled salmon served on top of a refreshing summery salad (I was lucky enough to eat their leftover for lunch the following day). We skipped out on desert there (no singing Happy Birthday) and decided to get ice cream from Scoops instead (Fire Island is unofficially known for their great ice cream shops).

On the boat before we headed over to Ocean Beach for dinner.

My birthday lobster!

Me and my lobster! I was one happy camper!

The next day we headed back towards the city and down to Coney Island to go to a Brooklyn Cyclones Baseball game. The game was a great time. We had front row seats in the outfield and had a ton of fun! When we finally got back to the apartment my stepmom and Dad surprised me with cake and cupcakes! (No wonder my Dad wouldn’t let me or my sisters get ice cream at the game.)

The family and me at the Brooklyn Cyclones game!

Monday night I took the train home after work so I could be at home with my mom, stepdad, and sisters. My mom made (bought) stuffed artichokes for dinner (I used to always ask for them for my Birthday dinners) and my favorite caprese salad. It was a delicious dinner and we finished with ice cream cake from Carvel (my favorite)!

On Tuesday morning I was woken by my family singing Happy Birthday. I opened my presents, and what nice presents they were! I’m currently wearing my new pair of pearl earrings. I spent the rest of the morning relaxing and enjoying my day off. Later on my mom treated me to a mani – pedi and then we were ready to head into the city!

We went to dinner at a great Mexican restaurant, Iguana, on 54th between Broadway and 8th Ave. Everything there was great from the food to the atmosphere. The decor made me feel like I was in Mexico. I ordered steak fajitas and they were delicious! I also had fried ice cream (for the first time) for desert. It was a great last birthday dinner.

My last birthday celebration at Iguana.

After, we walked down to the Nederlander Theatre on 41st Street to see Newsies. The show was absolutely amazing and the dancing was unbelievable! I could almost feel the the energy radiating off of the amazing dancers! Definitely a show I want to see again!

Overall I had a great birthday week, one I’ll remember for a long time. Thanks to everyone who made it so special!


Breaking in my newest impulse buy from the Ralph Lauren Soho store. This is definitely my most expensive impulse buy yet. I guess wandering into RL is a bit dangerous.

Count down to the Olympics…29 Days

I am obsessed with the Olympics, I always have been. So as a count down to the Olympics I will try to make an Olympic themed post everyday. I personally love gymnastics and swimming the most but I’ll try to follow other sports too.

Shawn after winning gold for beam in 2008.

As an avid gymnastics and Shawn Johnson fan I was a little bummed when she announced her retirement from the sport less than 2 months before the London games. Her sponsor, Proctor and Gamble, announced today that Shawn would be their correspondent for the 2012 games! How exciting! I can’t wait to see her journalism skills!

Also, just on a side note…check out the Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps rivalry! Phelps received all the publicity, golds, and praise in 2008 but could Lochte steal his spotlight in London this summer? Afterall Lochte beat Phelps by .02 of a second at the Olympic Trials today.

What’s in a name?

I figured it would be appropriate to have my first post explain my name… and by my name, I don’t mean Jillian.

I originally wanted to name my blog “Hakuna Matata” but when I passed that idea by a friend she said, “You can’t have a name that means “no worries”, you’re a Type A”. And so we came up with “Miss Type A”.

I’ve always been a Type A. My dad is and so am I. I love to do anything and everything, but to do that I like schedules. Whether I have a day filled with work and school and organized activity or I’m spending at day at home doing nothing I always have a schedule in my head. And what happens when that schedule doesn’t workout? Lets just say I am not a happy camper.

I’m a planner. I am always the one making the plans with friends and figuring out logistics. It drives my crazy when friends play everything by ear. If I am doing a city trip I know what trains I’m taking there and back two days ahead of time. I am always thinking weeks in advance instead of in the moment.

I like to be in control and when I am in control of a situation everything will be fine. But when I lose control over a situation I freak out! I get anxiety on the bus when the traffic is causing the trip to take longer than usual; I get anxiety when someone’s in front of me on line at a store and they are taking too long.

I am also a perfectionist. When it comes to working in groups I will rather do all the work by myself to make it perfect, or if not perfect the best it can be, than step back and let other people complete the work.

I would like to clarify that Type A doesn’t mean I like science and math but hate the arts. For me it’s actually the opposite. I am not that interested in science, but I love the arts. I love expressing myself through photography and have grown up with a love for theatre and music.  Just because my personality may be type A does not mean my interests are too.

I do realize that being Type A can sometimes be a fault. My friends tell me I need to be more spontaneous and just let things play out and my family tells me I need to relax and not get worked up when things don’t workout the way I planned them. I do attempt to fix these and am learning to take things as they come, but like everything this is a work in progress.