Free Printable – Olympic Sports Checklist

I strongly believe that in order to be successful with staying fit and in shape you have to enjoy what you’re doing and for me that means not being bored. I am constantly changing up my workout routine or the activity I’m doing. I like to try new things and mix everything up in order prevent boredom. One day I’ll go for a run, the next I’ll play tennis, and the day after that I may go for a swim or take a Zumba class. Not only does this prevent you from being bored but it is also important to change-up your workout for your body too. After a few weeks of the same workout routine your body may be come immune so it is important to up the intensity level of your workout or change it up every few weeks.

As a fun little challenge to myself I’ve decided to try as many Olympic sports as I can before I head back to school. And guess what! I’ve created a free printable so you can join in my challenge too! Just print the checklist and see how many Olympic sports you can try. You never know you make find a new hobby!

And if playing sports isn’t your thing and you prefer to be a spectator than feel free to use this printout to see how many events you can watch in the next few weeks!

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Since I’ve started my weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey over a year ago I’m constantly looking for new ideas that I can use to motivate and inspire me to workout and eat healthy.

A little while ago I saw something online that suggested every time you workout to put a dollar in a jar to save up for something you want. This way you’re motivated to workout because you’re “getting paid”  and when you buy something in the end you’ll know you really earned it.

I’ve recently started my own jar and I have to say, I LOVE IT! I decided this week that I will by myself a Nike Fuelband with my workout money. Now every time I’m workout I get excited knowing that when I come home I can put a dollar in my jar and will be one step closer to me NikeFuel.