Hello, I’m Jillian! I’m kind of new at this whole blogging thing so please, bare with me! I know a lot of people have a blog for a specific topic, career, or activity. Well I am just too passionate about to many things to decide one thing to focus my blog on so I decided to not focus on anything!

I am currently attending Mount Saint Mary College and will be a junior majoring in Journalism and Public Relations. I also happen to play tennis for the Mount too, which I absolutely love! I couldn’t imagine my life at school without my team, coach, and memories I’ve made so far.

As a born and raised New Yorker I love and appreciate theatre more than most. I am obsessed with being “in the know” on all the latest Broadway cast lists and upcoming shows. I am lucky enough to have found an internship for this summer at a theatre were I can mix my passion for theatre with my future career in Communications. I also took on a second internship at a New York magazine in the photo department.

This brings me to my other passion: photography. I found a love for photography in high school and haven’t put my camera down since. The way a photo can take anything and bring out the beauty and uniqueness in it captivates me. I especially love photography people and seeing their emotions and who they are through a lens. Needless to say I plan on showing a lot of my work on this blog.

So in addition to this being a intern blog/photography blog this will also serve as my fitness blog. In this past year I have made the best and most important change in my life I could of made. After being overweight since the age of seven I came home from my freshman year of college and said “enough is enough”. The next week I signed up for Weight Watchers. Since then I have lost 25 pounds, found more of a confidence within myself, found a love of fitness, working out, and running, and have learned to love myself and my healthy lifestyle. I still continue on my journey and hope to loose another 25 lbs.



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