Pins of the Week

I haven’t really posted too much this week because I’ve been on vacation at Fire Island. But im back and in action now so here are my pins of the week!

Banana S’mores


I used to make these back in girl scouts and loved them! So when I found them on Pinterest this week I thought “oh! I have to make these at the beach this week.” So I did and all of my friends loved them!


One board I have on Pinterest, that not many others have, is Photos to recreate. This is for when I see a photo that inspires me and I want to try to make it my own. This photo is just so adorable and I love the use of the picture frame. I tried the makeshift (because we didn’t have a picture frame)  version of this on the beach this week. As soon as the photos are ready I’ll share a sneak peek.


I just love this and agree with it 100%. If you want something in this world the only way to get it is to go out and pursue it and give that extra mile.


Considering my obsession and love for the Sound of Music, I love this idea. It’s so cute and clever. I can’t wait for my first opportunity to do this.

Click here for my Pinterest and to see what else I’ve pinned this week!


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