Countdown to the Olympics… 23 Days

I know being in the U.S. it’s kind of weird for us to hear that women in other countries are still fighting for their rights, buts its true. And by fighting for their rights not only do I mean the right to be educated and have a say, but also the right to play. The right to participate in the Olympic games.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Brunei have never sent women to the games before and I’m happy to say that this year both Qatar and Brunei will be sending women’s teams to participate in London.

Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia is not definitely sending women this year. It’s in the talks but no decision has been made. Saudi Arabia leaders have not yet approved any women traveling to London and say that it would be against the country’s traditions and norms.

Let’s root and prayer for the women of Saudi Arabia and hope to see them in London this summer!


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