Countdown to the Olympics 27 Days

Friday I received Shawn Johnson’s recently released book Winning Balance. On Monday I started it and yesterday I finished it.

As soon as I heard Shawn Johnson was coming out with a book I knew I was going to get it and read it, but I was weary on how good the writing would be. I was very surprised that the writing was captivating and the content was detailed, deep, thoughtful and inspirational. Shawn went into detail about her experiences of the gymnastics career and life after Beijing. And while everyone who followed her journey knows the events from the media,  know one knows how she felt and her personal experience; until now.

While her journey and thoughts were very inspirational, what really stuck out to me was Shawn’s poetry. For years Shawn has written poetry to express her feelings and pent-up emotions through her crazy journey. Very rarely has she ever shared her poems but we are lucky enough that she has added a few into the book. I won’t say too much about them other than: they’re good.


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