Count down to the Olympics…29 Days

I am obsessed with the Olympics, I always have been. So as a count down to the Olympics I will try to make an Olympic themed post everyday. I personally love gymnastics and swimming the most but I’ll try to follow other sports too.

Shawn after winning gold for beam in 2008.

As an avid gymnastics and Shawn Johnson fan I was a little bummed when she announced her retirement from the sport less than 2 months before the London games. Her sponsor, Proctor and Gamble, announced today that Shawn would be their correspondent for the 2012 games! How exciting! I can’t wait to see her journalism skills!

Also, just on a side note…check out the Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps rivalry! Phelps received all the publicity, golds, and praise in 2008 but could Lochte steal his spotlight in London this summer? Afterall Lochte beat Phelps by .02 of a second at the Olympic Trials today.


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