I saw this in Soho on the corner of Mercer and Spring. Graffiti probably wouldn’t be something considered taboo by society if more of it had a message like this.



Lazy Me


Because I decided to go a spin class instead of create a Fav Pins Friday, this week will be Fav Pins Saturday!

See you Saturday!



Favorite Pins Friday: Food Edition

So looking back at his past week it seems I’ve pinned a lot of food so here’s some delicious recipes:


These strawberry shortcake muffins are not only healthy (Made with no flour! Only oats, yogurt, and strawberries.) but look delicious too! I can’t wait to make these!


The DIY cereal bars are so easy to make! It’s a great breakfast if you don’t have a lot of time. Just whip up a bunch at the beginning of the week and your set for the next few days. Making cereal bars on your own cuts out a lot of the preservatives and fats that are in store-bought ones. Not only are these healthy and yummy but this DIY is from one of my favorite fitness/health blogs, Undressed Skeleton.


This pizza just looks so delicious, ’nuff said.

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Olympics Weekend 1

What a great opening weekend for the Olympics. What did you all think about the opening ceremonies? I know there’s been mixed reviews but I personally loved them.

The US is looking great so far! After the first two days the US is in second place overall with 11 medals: 3 Gold, 5 Silver, and 3 Bronze.

On Sunday morning Kim Rhodes became the first American to win individual medals in five consecutive Olympics. She won a gold and scored nearly perfectly in skeet shooting missing only one shot out of one-hundred.

The U.S has also won a number of medals in swimming this weekend including gold in Women’s 100 Butterfly, Men’s 400, and Men’s Freestyle relay.

Both the Men’s and Women’s gymnastics teams came in first during Sunday’s qualifying round and seem to be the teams to beat!

Speaking of gymnastics, my favorite Olympic moment from this weekend has been this video of Aly Raisman’s parents during her bar routine. Check out this video if you want a good laugh! 

Can’t wait for more Olympics!

Free Printable – Olympic Sports Checklist

I strongly believe that in order to be successful with staying fit and in shape you have to enjoy what you’re doing and for me that means not being bored. I am constantly changing up my workout routine or the activity I’m doing. I like to try new things and mix everything up in order prevent boredom. One day I’ll go for a run, the next I’ll play tennis, and the day after that I may go for a swim or take a Zumba class. Not only does this prevent you from being bored but it is also important to change-up your workout for your body too. After a few weeks of the same workout routine your body may be come immune so it is important to up the intensity level of your workout or change it up every few weeks.

As a fun little challenge to myself I’ve decided to try as many Olympic sports as I can before I head back to school. And guess what! I’ve created a free printable so you can join in my challenge too! Just print the checklist and see how many Olympic sports you can try. You never know you make find a new hobby!

And if playing sports isn’t your thing and you prefer to be a spectator than feel free to use this printout to see how many events you can watch in the next few weeks!

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Wait Til Your Father Gets Home

Birthday Week!

Sorry for my absence this past week. I turned 20 on Tuesday, yet it feels like I’ve been turning 20 for the past week. Probably because I’ve celebrated my birthday a total of 6 times within the past few weeks. Every year I go into my birthday month wanting and planning it to be low key, but every year without fail it turns out to be the furthest thing from low key (not that I’m complaining).

It all started a few weeks ago when my family had a BBQ to celebrate me and my Grandpa’s (81st!) Birthday! That was a great time with family, great food, and games. I then had a Birthday break for a few days until my mentor at my internship surprised me and the other interns in our department (who also happen to have July birthdays) with red velvet cake! Yummm 🙂

By the weekend it was fully swung birthday mode. I spent part of the weekend over at Fire Island on my boat with my Dad, sisters, and grandma. On Saturday night we took the water taxi over to Ocean Beach to go to one of my favorite Fire Island restaurants, Maguire’s. I decided to go big or go home for my birthday and went with the lobster! I absolutely love lobster and usually only get to have it on Christmas Eve so this was a nice treat! The food was delicious. We order a bunch of seafood beachy appetizers and my Dad and Emily both had grilled salmon served on top of a refreshing summery salad (I was lucky enough to eat their leftover for lunch the following day). We skipped out on desert there (no singing Happy Birthday) and decided to get ice cream from Scoops instead (Fire Island is unofficially known for their great ice cream shops).

On the boat before we headed over to Ocean Beach for dinner.

My birthday lobster!

Me and my lobster! I was one happy camper!

The next day we headed back towards the city and down to Coney Island to go to a Brooklyn Cyclones Baseball game. The game was a great time. We had front row seats in the outfield and had a ton of fun! When we finally got back to the apartment my stepmom and Dad surprised me with cake and cupcakes! (No wonder my Dad wouldn’t let me or my sisters get ice cream at the game.)

The family and me at the Brooklyn Cyclones game!

Monday night I took the train home after work so I could be at home with my mom, stepdad, and sisters. My mom made (bought) stuffed artichokes for dinner (I used to always ask for them for my Birthday dinners) and my favorite caprese salad. It was a delicious dinner and we finished with ice cream cake from Carvel (my favorite)!

On Tuesday morning I was woken by my family singing Happy Birthday. I opened my presents, and what nice presents they were! I’m currently wearing my new pair of pearl earrings. I spent the rest of the morning relaxing and enjoying my day off. Later on my mom treated me to a mani – pedi and then we were ready to head into the city!

We went to dinner at a great Mexican restaurant, Iguana, on 54th between Broadway and 8th Ave. Everything there was great from the food to the atmosphere. The decor made me feel like I was in Mexico. I ordered steak fajitas and they were delicious! I also had fried ice cream (for the first time) for desert. It was a great last birthday dinner.

My last birthday celebration at Iguana.

After, we walked down to the Nederlander Theatre on 41st Street to see Newsies. The show was absolutely amazing and the dancing was unbelievable! I could almost feel the the energy radiating off of the amazing dancers! Definitely a show I want to see again!

Overall I had a great birthday week, one I’ll remember for a long time. Thanks to everyone who made it so special!

Countdown to the Olympics…17 Days



As most know the United States is very conservative when it comes to sex so I was a bit intrigued and beguiled by the article, Olympic Village Sex… on Huffington Post. I mean I guess if your secluded to a campus with the same few thousand people for a long period than things are bound to get hot, right? Isn’t that what college is?


But at the same time aren’t these athletes there for a reason and should be focused at least until their done competing. Can’t “canoodling” with the opponent be seen as a distraction?


Comment below and let me know what you think.